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wow holy shit my last binder was awful compared to this one. if this is what binding is supposed to feel like then shit, wtf was i doing and why did nobody tell me that it was too fuckin small for me, parents, crying, trauma, swearing trigger warning. its a vent. long post?

my mom had my rapists baby. willingly. and loves him. knowing what he did to me. its so unbelievably shitty i dont understand why shed do that. last night, i was trying to ask my cousin if he's been around her, and she kept defending my mom. my mom doesnt believe me. even though her sister was raped by her dad. and she said to my other aunt 'i feel like nobodys taking it seriously!' even though she didnt take me seriously.

she lied to me. to my face. about not seeing him. im so. fucking. done. i was crying last night and she heard me and didnt. care. my cousin kept saying it was an adult decision. as if that makes it excusable. does she not believe me?? where did i go wrong? what did i do?? i wish she cared.. she keeps pretending like im overreacting for trying to live with dad. its bullshit! i just wish it were one year ago. then everything would be okay.

this bitch shined a laser pointer in my eye and i asked her to stop and she did it again and laughed, now i wanna cry and i might have a migraine soon so thats fun

hey yall fuckers. m gonna be posting a fanfiction here soon for sanders sides. its gonna be an angst/heal fic with virgil being an age regressor and logan/patton (im not sure yet) calming him down and helping him while hes more vulnerable than usual. ik a lot of u prolly wont care bc its 1. an age regression fic and 2. sanders sides, but id like if one of you read it?