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this girl pulled up the skirt of my dress the other day in the middle of class, i wasnt wearing leggings or shorts and it was so embarrassing. i dont even know who saw or anything. but i have so many classes with her and im so scared she'll do something like that again, and i cant just TELL someone or everyone will gang up on me and start hating me and i cant go thru that rn and i just hhhhhhh what do i do

and not to mention how everyone just seems to be obsessed with finding out if im a virgin or not. like! thats not your fucking business! and if i say that i am, they'll make fun of me for that. if i say im not, they'll think im a slut. and if i tell them the truth, they'll victim blame and hate me forever.

and everyone thinks its funny to randomly pull my hair. when i cut it i thought it would stop but people just started pulling my hair more. how hard is it to realize that thats a trigger for me. and everyone misgenders me. all the time. even if i correct them. they just treat me like im going crazy.

oh. and my uncle fucking died. along with my grandma and my other uncle. i want it to stop. and my mom is actively in love with my rapist, knowing he raped me. i just. fucking. she acts like I'M overreacting. im not. shes a rape apologist whether she denies it or not. and literally fucking EVERYONE treats me like im overreacting. i dont know how much more i can take.

and none of my friends care about me anymore. i just want it to stop., parents, crying, trauma, swearing trigger warning. its a vent. long post?

my mom had my rapists baby. willingly. and loves him. knowing what he did to me. its so unbelievably shitty i dont understand why shed do that. last night, i was trying to ask my cousin if he's been around her, and she kept defending my mom. my mom doesnt believe me. even though her sister was raped by her dad. and she said to my other aunt 'i feel like nobodys taking it seriously!' even though she didnt take me seriously.

she lied to me. to my face. about not seeing him. im so. fucking. done. i was crying last night and she heard me and didnt. care. my cousin kept saying it was an adult decision. as if that makes it excusable. does she not believe me?? where did i go wrong? what did i do?? i wish she cared.. she keeps pretending like im overreacting for trying to live with dad. its bullshit! i just wish it were one year ago. then everything would be okay.