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wow holy shit my last binder was awful compared to this one. if this is what binding is supposed to feel like then shit, wtf was i doing and why did nobody tell me that it was too fuckin small for me

POV: You're a transphobe telling me how to trans my gender. You fall asleep suddenly, wake up in a dark musty room. This is first and last thing you see when you wake up.

hehehe i got a haircut and i started estrogen blockers and i got combat boots that make me look Tall and my moms gonna get me a new binder and i got a fuckton of new pride pins, shits goin well for me

Hello gang here are some things I learned about binding

king-mars -

I (finally) got a binder and learned a thing or two so im about to tell you a thing or two.

This could get long so im hiding the post under the cut also feel free to repour with more things

  • They are not as soft as they look in the pictures. Seriously I'd look at the pictures and be like "damn that lowkey looks hella comfy" but it ain't. The back isnt too bad but the compression part at the front can get kind of annoying.

  • Measure! Measure again! Don't stop measuring until you are 100% sure you know your size! Because nothing sucks more than waiting a week for your binder only to send it back because it's too small.

  • Get a good one! It can be tempting to buy a $12 one on amazon but 1. they're not as safe and 2. won't last you as long so you're gonna spend more money in the long run anyway. (We might be biased, but my friends and I all have Gc2b half binders and love them. Also, I've heard that if you take care of them they can last a long time so yeet)

  • If the cost is a burden, try applying to different binder donation programs. That's how I got mine

  • DO NOT WEAR IT FOR MORE THAN 8 HOURS. I know you've probably heard it a million times before but seriously don't. One of my friends messed up their skin really bad and cant bind anymore because they wore their binder too much in middle school.

  • ALSO, DO NOT EXERCISE IN IT. You won't be able to breathe. Trust me, even light exercise can be a struggle when in doubt wear a sports bra and a large jacket/hoodie.

  • It makes you really flat. More than you think it will. Especially with a button-down that was a surreal experience.

  • YES, THERE IS A SLIGHT "Bump." Its seriously not that big dysphoria just makes you hyper-focus on it. (I spent a whole day asking my friends "Okay but is it really flat because there's a bump I swear." And they would always say "Mars you have a flatter chest than most of the guys here it's fine.) You just gotta roll with it.

  • Here's how to wash the thing:

    • Fill a sink with cold water and throw the binder in. Swish it around a little bit.

    • Add a VERY small amount of laundry detergent. I use unscented but try to use one for sensitive skin because it's tight and in close contact with more sensitive areas of skin.

    • Swish Swish we washing now

    • Think of it like a loving, gentle washing machine.

    • If there are any areas with like, deodorant marks or a number of other things, rub at them with your fingers.

    • Take it out of the water and rinse it thoroughly. (Take your time on this step, your skin will thank you)

    • squeeze it gently to get some of the water out. Don't wring it because that can stretch it out and don't squeeze too hard or you'll wrinkle it which ive found can make it harder to put on.

    • I fold mine up in a towel and then like,,,press down on it if that makes any sense? It makes it dry faster.

    • Hang it up bros you're done. You can use a normal hanger but I use a kids hanger because that's what I use to hang up my jeans

  • Stretches to do:

    • Bring your elbows behind your back and try to get your shoulder blades to touch!

    • Bend your back over a chair like when you pop your back!

    • If you need a break for a second, make a fist and put it under your binder, and kind of pull the front panel away from your chest. I do this sometimes and its a lifesaver

    • Take deep breaths! Also, I keep seeing advice to cough and I don't know what that achieves but I do it anyway. (If you cant take a deep breath than homeboy I hate to break it to you but you have the wrong size.)

That's all the things I know for now! I hope this was helpful and if you have advice feel free to repour with additions. :-)

idioticsilverware -

and! they're hard to take off. i sometimes had to have my sister help pull mine off since its a full tank. if you can, have someone help you pull it off. if not, look up diagrams. you'll see so many of these 'how-to's tell you how to put it on right, but not enough of how to get them off. i have mild claustrophobia and it mostly only bothers me during cramped car rides or crowds/lines, but i cannot wear anything thats too tight. i started freaking out when i couldnt get it off, and i was in a spot where i couldnt look up how to get it the f off. so please, be sure you know how to get it off first.

cjadewyton -

Friendly reminder that you aren't less trans for not transitioning

No matter what your reason, from fear of surgery to money issues to simply not wanting to, it doesn't mean you're faking or not your gender