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wow holy shit my last binder was awful compared to this one. if this is what binding is supposed to feel like then shit, wtf was i doing and why did nobody tell me that it was too fuckin small for me

hehehe i got a haircut and i started estrogen blockers and i got combat boots that make me look Tall and my moms gonna get me a new binder and i got a fuckton of new pride pins, shits goin well for me

so i really want a haircut but also its fucking december and im cold enough as it is, i cant exactly get a hair cut without feeling like im getting frostbite all the time. but also?? i have the u r g e to just,, chopchop. yk?

like yesterday i was using scissors for this thing we were doing in math. and they were perfect at cutting things. so like? what if i just kinda cut off all my hair. not all of it-all of it- but like just enough for it to be shorter than it is now and for me to look more androgynous? thatd be p cool. and if i want it even shorter i could just shove it up my beanie.

itd look so gr8 whenever my mom actually got around to buying me a new binder and i got more boyish clothes. itd cancel out like?? a lot of the fem shit about me but not enough for me to pass as a guy and i love that. summers gonna be gr8 with my beanie and binder and a masc outfit but a fem voice and face, but not so fem its hard to confuse people.

tldr; heehee hoohoo haircut in hot time, gender doesnt exist fuck you

cjadewyton -

Friendly reminder that you aren't less trans for not transitioning

No matter what your reason, from fear of surgery to money issues to simply not wanting to, it doesn't mean you're faking or not your gender