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Sweet Tea Cookie

I worked for a while on this one and am more proud of the coloring than anything.

Sweet Tea Cookie belongs to tkayparty 💕

rah -

Talk to me about Kingdom on Netflix. He's my favorite c:

matchsticks -

sometimes you just gotta. lay down on the grass. stretch your back all the way out on the dirt with all the bugs, especially if you slouch. this is to reset yourself. it only works on grass or dirt. anywhere else and it doesn't work right. spend some time looking at the sky while you're down there.

Blue jellyfish

I really like jellyfish. The only difference between these drawings is the background

Went with a cleaner simpler look. Trying to get a handle on drawing them

And the second ink/watercolor drawing!

(No wonder my nails got purple...)

some little icons i made for my furry ocs on toyhouse!


A bunch of avatars I've drawn like back in 2017. I really like cats. And really like space :).
I love them. Free to use. (except for white kitty-cat)
If you want to comission something similar for yourself - please write in private messages or on my email

I colored some of the ink drawings I made ! Those liquid watercolors got everywhere, but they're very bright!


I'm such a goob for the read heads ♡

My boy rizts and his ferret. Happens to be an oc from a da art group!

Hi I'm Fable here's my maplestory 2 boy


I'm such a goob for the read heads ♡

My boy rizts and his ferret. Happens to be an oc from a da art group!

fungus -

love how ppl on this website will tag nsfw and then the post is just "nsfw [readmore]" for extra safety... redunancy..... goood

Child of the Moon

That was fun to make : it was for a text made by my uni writing club, with the same title. I loved the description of the places they visited, and tried to include them all!

Result of a "Let's Make an OC" prompt I did on twitter! ♥

Four seasons 🌼☀️🍂❄️

(Repost, because now I can put them together but as separate pictures! Yay!)

It just be like that.

pokemon-miki and her chinglings

wanted to practice drawing characters consistently, so here's a comic! the rest will be under the cut :)

cjadewyton -

Can't read my, can't read my

No, he can't read my poker face

(Come on, Barbie, let's go party!)