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was anyone gonna tell me thta apparently the pope slapped a woman and that theres a plague in china or was I supposed to find that out from a meme I stumbled upon on pinterest

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ok so a quick google search tells me that

1) some rando grabbed pope francis' arm and he apparently slapped her hand off and... that caused an uproar? as someone pretty touch averse, when it comes to complete strangers at least, I'd say its not a big deal but idk maybe its something popes specifically arent allowed to do.

2) as for the plague thing- i cant find any definite source on that. Apparently, there have been increased droughts due to climate change in inner mongolia, so the rodent population has also risen. Because of that, isolated cases of bubonic plague have happened a few times already. So I guess peopel are panicking now???

A little WIP because I've been so slow lately. Being sick suuuuucks 0/10 do not recommend

Help needed, reblogs appreciated!

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Hey guys! Super sorry to have to post this, but I have to reach out for help.



I am currently unemployed and searching for work. I’ve gone to multiple job interviews and haven’t heard back from them- I’m not having much luck. I am currently taking a break from commissions due to burnout and for the sake of my health, and I am trying to find employment ASAP to move out of my family’s home. It is not great living here, for several reasons I won’t get into.

I’ve had a lot of unexpected expenses in December and January: gas for job interviews, groceries, bills due at the beginning/middle of the month, & two hospital visits for my husband (once in December and once in early January).

Total amount needed is $255 (bills + $100 rent), but I am asking for $300 to have $50 as a buffer. I have a goal on my kofi:

If you’d like to help me stay afloat until I find work, please consider donating. Anything helps! I’ve gone to job interviews and have yet to hear back.

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lovin the (very long) trend of wf users crediting the artist and not stealing artwork... keep it up guys we work harder than any us marine


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Don't Forget from the Deltarune OST starts playing


music: Moonlight Densetsu

video: @babushka

A teaser for my fanmade season of Sailor Moon!

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*deep sigh* stuff i learned from animating this:

  • stars made with a starry brush don't look realistic. like at all.
  • sailormoon opening has three opening bells. not five.
  • the flares also look unrealistic, esp. the red one. I might know they way to fix this...
  • because clouds DO look realistic and they're as artifficial as the flares! solution? filter
  • the final animation will be better i swear

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Best part of writing the new mod panel is that I get to have a ton of fun with access denied messages

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autistic communication - tag yourself meme

stella lied, also made this stella is blue/yellow ... hehe

One of my favorite people just had surgery so I drew their OC to cheer them up! His name is Percy!

Commission info!

A portrait drawn for nbbrycefieland on Tumblr. It was so fun to draw that transparent armor!

And here is the alternative version without the shimmery armor!

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I fell down the stairs while snow shovelling a minute ago and all i could think of was

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I literally thought I heard a thump while you were outside and this makes sense now

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For context this is why them casually saying they fell down the stairs is concerning

some face practice ;u;

hey yall i need some help if you can give it please

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details below the cut but tl;dr universal credit fucked up and now me and bf arent getting a payment for this month and theres bills to pay and we need to eat and im really scared so

here's my ko-fi if you wanna donate i would really appreciate it honestly im so lost please reblog if you can

and if you cant donate but you wanna help i would really love to get a wholesome ask or some poetry recs or smthn idk

  • so im living with bf which is great

  • except

  • we tried adding me onto his benefits claim last night which went through fine

  • so this morning we went in person to talk to them and then we found out

  • that bc i dont have my id check done he isnt gonna get his january payment which he was supposed to get on the 11th

  • and they also decided that he needs more verification? that he didnt need before but apparently now its enough to withhold payment

  • and uh we dont have a lot of food and im not gonna be able to get my id check done in the next couple of weeks

  • and we're literally at the point of trying to get a loan but we're an 18yo and a 19yo with little credit history and no stability so

  • ive been having a breakdown like every fucking hour bc i dont know what to do i dont know

  • im so sorry to do this i hate doing this but we're fucked

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i saw this shirt on a meme facebook page and i needed to draw it. tifa has endometriosis now also.

it's baby Snufkin time

i haven't drawn him in so long, forgot how much i love him

Passengers - The West Wind

The first in a series, done with vector graphics.

Two Rats II 2: Still Rattin'

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putting this here as well as the blue site

I hate saying this but if anyone has some extra money they can spare and want to help me out, my hubby and I are basically broke after rent and we’re not even sure we’ll have our apartment soon because we aren’t sure the full payment will go through! and this has been a scare pretty much every month for the past few months while we’ve been just trying to juggle paying bills and necessities.

My ko-fi is and my paypal email is

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hey i have the new meme