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so im an age regressor and my partner just bought me a tiny, pink elephant toy and i love her, she comes with a little lollipop that she follows when you move it and omg i love hhhhh

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Maru Regression Fic (Stardew Valley)

A small warm-up for a better fic I wanna write. I'm not really proud of this but that's okay because it's just a warm-up.

Desc: While their parents are out helping the farmer, Maru slips into regression. Sebastian is the only one home who can help take care of her.

Warnings: very very very brief mention of Pam being drunk

(once again im n o t proud of this lmao its awful)

Sebastian sighed. Maru was in her onesie pajamas, a paci in her mouth and playing with her plastic cars. And since their parents were gone for the weekend helping that... Farmer, nobody was here to help Maru. Except Sebastian. Sebastian took a deep breath, he didn’t really like young kids that much. And seeing his half-sister like this... Threw him off. But as a brother, he felt like he had to help. Somehow.

He took a deep breath and sat next to Maru. “Heyyy, Maru. Whatcha- um. Whatcha doin?”

Maru smiled really big and held up her favorite blue car. “Caws!! Pwetty and mech- me- mmm.. Wobotic!!!” She struggled to say her R’s. Why she couldn’t say bigger words always confused Sebastian but, oh well. Too anxious to ask why.

“Do you uh- need anything?”

“Can I have chicken nuggies? Pwetty please?”

“Yeah. Sure. Ketchup, or-”


“Riight.. Um. Do you need anything else?”

“No, I’m otay.”

“Great, well, I’ll be right back.”

Sebastian went to the kitchen. He got the nuggets out and began to microwave them, keeping an ear out in case Maru needed anything else. While he was walking back, he noticed that Maru was struggling to turn on the TV.

“Hey.. want some help?” Sebastian asked, setting down the nuggets next to Maru.

“Yes pwease..”

“What do you wanna watch?”

“Sid the science kid!!”

“Ah.. alright.”

With the TV playing and Maru contented on chicken nuggets, Sebastian wondered what set Maru into little space? She hadn’t been working on a hard project, nobody fought with her recently… And Maru hadn’t seemed particularly stressed.

“Hey, Maru?”

“Yeah Seb?” Maru said, turning around to face him.

“What- uh; um. God talking is hard. What made you be… Little?”

Maru immediately seemed down. She got quieter and slouched a bit. Great. Now I’ve done it. Sebastian thought. Now she’s sad and it's my fault.

“It’s Penny… hew mom keeps getting dwunk. She won’t stop. And it makes Penny sad… so she talks to me about it and. It makes me sad that Penny’s sad…”

“You care about Penny, don’t you?”

“Of couwse!! She’s my best fwiend..”

“Do you… Want a hug?” Sebastian said, opening his arms.

And so they spent the rest of the night hugging, laughing and watching TV until they fell asleep happily.

hey yall fuckers. m gonna be posting a fanfiction here soon for sanders sides. its gonna be an angst/heal fic with virgil being an age regressor and logan/patton (im not sure yet) calming him down and helping him while hes more vulnerable than usual. ik a lot of u prolly wont care bc its 1. an age regression fic and 2. sanders sides, but id like if one of you read it?