this girl pulled up the skirt of my dress the other day in the middle of class, i wasnt wearing leggings or shorts and it was so embarrassing. i dont even know who saw or anything. but i have so many classes with her and im so scared she'll do something like that again, and i cant just TELL someone or everyone will gang up on me and start hating me and i cant go thru that rn and i just hhhhhhh what do i do

and not to mention how everyone just seems to be obsessed with finding out if im a virgin or not. like! thats not your fucking business! and if i say that i am, they'll make fun of me for that. if i say im not, they'll think im a slut. and if i tell them the truth, they'll victim blame and hate me forever.

and everyone thinks its funny to randomly pull my hair. when i cut it i thought it would stop but people just started pulling my hair more. how hard is it to realize that thats a trigger for me. and everyone misgenders me. all the time. even if i correct them. they just treat me like im going crazy.

oh. and my uncle fucking died. along with my grandma and my other uncle. i want it to stop. and my mom is actively in love with my rapist, knowing he raped me. i just. fucking. she acts like I'M overreacting. im not. shes a rape apologist whether she denies it or not. and literally fucking EVERYONE treats me like im overreacting. i dont know how much more i can take.

and none of my friends care about me anymore. i just want it to stop.

Help needed, reblogs appreciated!

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Hey guys! Super sorry to have to post this, but I have to reach out for help.



I am currently unemployed and searching for work. I’ve gone to multiple job interviews and haven’t heard back from them- I’m not having much luck. I am currently taking a break from commissions due to burnout and for the sake of my health, and I am trying to find employment ASAP to move out of my family’s home. It is not great living here, for several reasons I won’t get into.

I’ve had a lot of unexpected expenses in December and January: gas for job interviews, groceries, bills due at the beginning/middle of the month, & two hospital visits for my husband (once in December and once in early January).

Total amount needed is $255 (bills + $100 rent), but I am asking for $300 to have $50 as a buffer. I have a goal on my kofi:

If you’d like to help me stay afloat until I find work, please consider donating. Anything helps! I’ve gone to job interviews and have yet to hear back.

tmw u r sad so u just sit in the back of the class on wf listening to mcr making ur trollsona on a bunch of picrews

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lovin the (very long) trend of wf users crediting the artist and not stealing artwork... keep it up guys we work harder than any us marine

man bro this is just a reminder that if ur young (or not) dont post things about your personal info online, even if u think nothing bad will happen. i always shrugged it off and said the adults were being paranoid, but now if someone knew where to look they could find my house, full name, moms full name, emails and almost every single fact about my trauma. on one account. and that does not help my anxiety while i fall asleep at night like geez

trans rights are human rights

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this post is still relevant no matter what! always be reminded that trans rights ARE human rights and if you disagree go step on a lego!

I was sold the moment words 'golden gown' were uttered.

My girl Ariana Case

Who I need to draw more WEEPS

Mildly Indulgent

A simple portrait practice that became a bit more fun and indelgent then expected. There's no rhyme or reason, I just wanted to draw my oc Patricia looking pretty 😂

Get used to it. I draw her a lot just doing that.

some wholesome boys!!

Starting off my account by posting some old draws I'm proud of! It's mostly gonna be OC's here. ✨

my oc Cain, drawn 3/22/2018

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alzo made thiz guy earlier... itz v simple but :3 (og undr cut)

I'm scene? It's a lifestyle. Best regards.

I decided to just set aside some time to draw something I wanted, instead something relating to uni

it was marinas birthday today uvu

Trying this out

Hello! New to the place and getting some feelers out. Also seeing how posting from mobile goes!

This is my dnd character Trinity ♡


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Don't Forget from the Deltarune OST starts playing