Them Tags Tho

idiotic talks - me, making an original post

idiotic reblogs - me, reblogging someone

tw *trigger* - when a post directly mentions/discusses a trigger

tw *trigger* ment - when a post mentions a trigger, without going too deep on the subject

ill try to tag every trigger i can, but if i miss something please tell me!

triggers i tag:

s3lf h4rm, su!c!de, r4pe, p3dos, spiders, knives/other sharp objects, guns, depression, anxiety, nsfw (wont be putting anything nsfw on my blog!), eating disorders, animal abuse, abuse, animal death, death, parents, mother, father, blood/gore, food, disassociation, sexual harassment, any kind of transphobia, transmeds (a personal trigger), nazis, eyestrain (not a trigger im p sure but still worth tagging)

if you need any added, just let me know!