moodboard request rules!

Hiya! I'm Silver. I like making mood boards and I'll make some for you!

Just send in an ask, anon or not, and I'll do my best to make it for you! It doesn't matter if I know the fandom or not, but if I don't it might not turn out as good as if I did.

I won't do mood boards for subjects like: mental health issues for angst, blood/gore, an abusive relationship, anything sexual or kinky (I'm a minor), anything including p3dophiles or r*pe especially, drugs or alcoholism

If there's ever an exception then I'll tag it first, but theres a very small chance I'd do it. For the mental health thing, I'd do it if its extremely small amounts but yk, also might not.

I won't do mood boards for these fandoms: Voltron, DC/Marvel, Game Of Thrones, Twenty One Pilots

Fandoms I MIGHT do mood boards for but also might not: Stranger Things, Supernatural