hey yall. im silver, idiotic, whatever u wanna call me. i use they/them and ze/zir pronouns.

DNI if:

  • racist

  • if u dont mind/excuse blackface, whitewashing, cultural appropriation, stuff like that

  • you think people with kins (fictionkin included) are inherently bad and/or are "the reason why people still dont accept the lgbt community"(ive heard people say this before and its very not true, and i dont think theyre in the lgbt community just for being kin but some people do and? it frustrates me)

  • if u make fun of neurodivergent people for liking things/being themselves

  • if i write something confusingly and u wanna understand, u should hmu bc id explain it plainer for u

  • you're against using micro labels or creating new terms for describing themselves

  • if u write nasty/dirty things about minors or age them up for it :(

  • pedophiles/support pedophiles

  • if u make posts about r*pe or other trauma-related things without tagging it first

  • sexist

  • proana/post abt eating disorders w/o tagging it first

  • lgbt-phobic (biphobic, enbyphobic, acephobic, panphobic, transmed included)

  • extreme in discourse (shouldnt be a problem on this site but better safe than sorry ig)

  • if u sexualize childlike behaviors

  • if u make jokes about r.pe or abuse (its ok if its for coping but tag it first, and pls dont make light of the subject) and if u talk/joke about torture. this includes going "ugh this is torture" when all ur doing is some hard math problems

  • call things "cringy"

  • think things like autism need to be cured

  • DDLG(+variants)/CGL/NSFW without tagging it first/anti-age regressor

  • ur a gatekeeper of any kind

  • think not liking someone is a reason to misgender them

  • prolife/anti-choice, flat earther, climate change denier, antivax

im a minor, i also age regress because of r*pe and past abuse. i dont care if adults follow me, but pls dont be nasty.

i'll tag things as a trigger if you ask me to. i'll also unfollow you if you ask. and i always read peoples dni/byf but if i miss something pls tell me.