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Felt cute, might delete later

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On a lighter note, I'm seeing art routinely start hitting 20+ notes

That's excellent and means that there's a culture of reblogging instead of just liking stuff forming. Keep it up! I want to see stuff hitting triple digits by April

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not to be a slut but im in love with every single one of my friends at least a little bit and i'd date any of them given the chance

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ppl apparently pay attention??? most of their waking hrs???? bro how do u not get tired

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what's the vibe y'all 

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Ok I need to stop forgetting to post stuff!

Here's some OCs I made

because I was thinking about the autism/robot connection and wanted to play around with it ^^ 

Mary is the girl with dark hair, and the light haired one is Izzie who is also a triplet (her sisters names are Gracie and Gemma)

Izzie and her sisters are androids created to study how social groups affect personality

I don't have a whole lot about them yet but maybe I'll play around with them in the future 

some stuff:

Mary- mostly nonverbal/semiverbal, Izzie is her favorite person, doesn't like loud noises

Izzie- a bit outgoing, doesn't understand human social structures, very good AI but can get overloaded sometimes, considers Mary in a similar way to a SO

party rockers in the house tonight


Steven universe stuff

Sorry for not posting for so long folks ! Been kinda busy with life in general,  take these pretty rocks as tribute

pictures from yahoo and google

request: babycore moodboard for rubble from 2019 transformers comic, from @thoughts

i hope i got everything right <3

hey yall fuckers. m gonna be posting a fanfiction here soon for sanders sides. its gonna be an angst/heal fic with virgil being an age regressor and logan/patton (im not sure yet) calming him down and helping him while hes more vulnerable than usual. ik a lot of u prolly wont care bc its 1. an age regression fic and 2. sanders sides, but id like if one of you read it? 

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JJ and I were talking about where we want to move and I was saying how it'd be cool to live by the ocean even if I had to live in the swamps of Louisiana right when he was saying he wanted to own a house boat in "alligator country" lmaoooo looks like we're moving into a swamp

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shrek finna end u

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where over the rainbow

thoughts asked:

can you make a babycore moodboard of Rubble from the 2019 IDW Transformers comic, also known as IDW2? hes the little purble kid. this franchise is a mess and i wanna make sure you get the right guy. thanks in advance!

of course! thank you for the request. <3

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sports? i refuse

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What about gay sports?

tiddywife -

if it involves making out, im in

naiad -
Mars Argo | Using You

Using You
Mars Argo

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Everyone says that they have that one gay cousin





tiddywife -

im the gay cousin and i have one trans cousin if that counts, so in my family there're 2

phantomflame03 -

Both myself and my siblings (there are 2 of them) are not straight and I suspect a couple of my cousins but we live in Kansas so its less likely any of us will come out. I feel like the "there is one gay cousin" is just there is one out cousin. 

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Hey I need some more peeps to follow on here so repour if you are currently active! 

Kidcore Jade Harley moodboard for @idioticsilverware

(Thanks for the request!)

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ok im reblogging this even tho i think i already have but like,, i love this too much sksk

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and now its my homescreen oops whend that happen

Kidcore Jade Harley moodboard for @idioticsilverware

(Thanks for the request!)

idioticsilverware -

ok im reblogging this even tho i think i already have but like,, i love this too much sksk

Babycore Will Cipher moodboard for @idioticsilverware

(Thanks for the request!)

nepsah -

draws new design instead of drawing one of my many established OCs as planned......

well he's here now 'n i dunno who he is, where he goes, or what he's gonna do but that'll come later