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love how ppl on this website will tag nsfw and then the post is just "nsfw [readmore]" for extra safety... redunancy..... goood

Child of the Moon

That was fun to make : it was for a text made by my uni writing club, with the same title. I loved the description of the places they visited, and tried to include them all!

Result of a "Let's Make an OC" prompt I did on twitter! ♥

Four seasons 🌼☀️🍂❄️

(Repost, because now I can put them together but as separate pictures! Yay!)

It just be like that.

pokemon-miki and her chinglings

wanted to practice drawing characters consistently, so here's a comic! the rest will be under the cut :)

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Can't read my, can't read my

No, he can't read my poker face

(Come on, Barbie, let's go party!)

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Black and White

quick bust sketch of my new oc

this is my first take at neo Queen Serenity and well. Mistakes Were Made. There is a lot of stuff wrong with this pic but i might as well keep it since she only appears as a distant vision. Also, somehow i managed to make her look like a grown woman and a mother which is kinda cool.

Cosmos Dress

Hey finally I got an idea to use @themelonlad space tutorial!! Thk u my dude!!!

Gotta say it space rocks ~

Aherm, anyway... For others SAI users like me, unable to create a proper particle brush : use freckles brush!!! (I found 2 on internet a long time ago, you can DM for specific if ya want.)

big boy data breach

east coast usa peeps: if y'all went to wawa between march and december of last year and used a credit/debit card, you should read that.

litearlly like the biggest data breach in history lmfaooo holy shit.

they're giving the potentially affected ppl (like 30million people!!!!) a free year of credit monitoring/identity theft monitoring, probably to avoid getting sued (though there are already SEVERAL class action lawsuits against them), so there's that.

edit: so i don't know why there's nothing showing up in the title but if you click the Empty Space there's a Link

wow holy shit my last binder was awful compared to this one. if this is what binding is supposed to feel like then shit, wtf was i doing and why did nobody tell me that it was too fuckin small for me

hey yall, imma be a bit more inactive for a bit. but when i can be on ill put posts on queue so im not like. disappearing or anything

POV: You're a transphobe telling me how to trans my gender. You fall asleep suddenly, wake up in a dark musty room. This is first and last thing you see when you wake up.

it seems like all i do anymore is take long depression naps and binge eat until my stomach wants to die

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was anyone gonna tell me thta apparently the pope slapped a woman and that theres a plague in china or was I supposed to find that out from a meme I stumbled upon on pinterest

disaster-goblin -

ok so a quick google search tells me that

1) some rando grabbed pope francis' arm and he apparently slapped her hand off and... that caused an uproar? as someone pretty touch averse, when it comes to complete strangers at least, I'd say its not a big deal but idk maybe its something popes specifically arent allowed to do.

2) as for the plague thing- i cant find any definite source on that. Apparently, there have been increased droughts due to climate change in inner mongolia, so the rodent population has also risen. Because of that, isolated cases of bubonic plague have happened a few times already. So I guess peopel are panicking now???

A little WIP because I've been so slow lately. Being sick suuuuucks 0/10 do not recommend


this girl pulled up the skirt of my dress the other day in the middle of class, i wasnt wearing leggings or shorts and it was so embarrassing. i dont even know who saw or anything. but i have so many classes with her and im so scared she'll do something like that again, and i cant just TELL someone or everyone will gang up on me and start hating me and i cant go thru that rn and i just hhhhhhh what do i do

and not to mention how everyone just seems to be obsessed with finding out if im a virgin or not. like! thats not your fucking business! and if i say that i am, they'll make fun of me for that. if i say im not, they'll think im a slut. and if i tell them the truth, they'll victim blame and hate me forever.

and everyone thinks its funny to randomly pull my hair. when i cut it i thought it would stop but people just started pulling my hair more. how hard is it to realize that thats a trigger for me. and everyone misgenders me. all the time. even if i correct them. they just treat me like im going crazy.

oh. and my uncle fucking died. along with my grandma and my other uncle. i want it to stop. and my mom is actively in love with my rapist, knowing he raped me. i just. fucking. she acts like I'M overreacting. im not. shes a rape apologist whether she denies it or not. and literally fucking EVERYONE treats me like im overreacting. i dont know how much more i can take.

and none of my friends care about me anymore. i just want it to stop.

Help needed, reblogs appreciated!

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Hey guys! Super sorry to have to post this, but I have to reach out for help.



I am currently unemployed and searching for work. I’ve gone to multiple job interviews and haven’t heard back from them- I’m not having much luck. I am currently taking a break from commissions due to burnout and for the sake of my health, and I am trying to find employment ASAP to move out of my family’s home. It is not great living here, for several reasons I won’t get into.

I’ve had a lot of unexpected expenses in December and January: gas for job interviews, groceries, bills due at the beginning/middle of the month, & two hospital visits for my husband (once in December and once in early January).

Total amount needed is $255 (bills + $100 rent), but I am asking for $300 to have $50 as a buffer. I have a goal on my kofi:

If you’d like to help me stay afloat until I find work, please consider donating. Anything helps! I’ve gone to job interviews and have yet to hear back.

tmw u r sad so u just sit in the back of the class on wf listening to mcr making ur trollsona on a bunch of picrews

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lovin the (very long) trend of wf users crediting the artist and not stealing artwork... keep it up guys we work harder than any us marine